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Message from the Dean

    China is experiencing ever-changing socio-economic growth with reform interacting with development against the rapidly changing era. On the one hand, the physical and spiritual life of the populace continually improves; on the other, contradictions, conflicts and disorders amidst social changes have become increasingly intense. Therefore, to properly deal with the current hot issues and long-term strategic issues, there is an urgent need for comprehensively in-depth and detailed analysis to the reform and development process to ensure reliable and feasible schemes for guiding the practice. To this end, it has been a must to establish cross-border, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research teams to converge synergic research efforts.

    With great supports and encouragements from all social circles, and based on the 'Innovative Economics Platform', the Institute for Advanced Research of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics comes into being against the times, which, by virtue of the powerful academic strength of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, aims to solicit senior foreign and domestic experts and scholars via applying for key state scientific and technological projects. Acting as a multi-level and all-inclusive research platform with high starting point, the Institute for Advanced Research will conduct independent, objective and in-depth analysis to the social and economic activities through comprehensive and concrete data collection and processing, to provide governmental authorities and various economic sectors with high-level decision-making supports and consulting, along with extensive academic exchange to foster academic talents and spread academic thinking.

    The Institute for Advanced Research of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics will bring new vigor to Chinese social and economic studies.

Prof. Guoqiang Tian
Honorary Director
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