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2019 Shanghai Workshop on Frontiers of Environmental and Resource Economics Held at IAR


Jointly organized by IAR, SOE and Key Laboratory of Mathematical Economics (SUFE), Ministry of Education and supported by Frontiers of Economics in China (FEC), the 2019 Shanghai Workshop on Frontiers of Environmental and Resource Economics was held during Dec. 9-10 at Conference Room 807, School of Economics Building, SUFE.  Professor Liguo Lin, Associate Dean of IAR, and Professor Jinhua Zhao, Director of Center for Environment and Natural Resources Studies, IAR, delivered opening remarks at the workshop.

Professor Lin expressed warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the participants on behalf of IAR.  He made a brief introduction about the institute to the participants and mentioned that the aim of IAR is to establish a platform with high standpoint to solicit domestic and foreign research forces by way of projects to undertake influential research projects to produce high-level research achievements and to promote academic exchange.  He also noted that in recent years, the institute has submitted dozens of policy reports to relevant central and local authorities, many of which have been referred to by government departments including Central Organization Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance as well as Shanghai Municipal Government.


Professor Zhao, as a partial host of this workshop, also extended welcome and gratitude to the participants.  He introduced that this year’s workshop has got a nicely balanced mix of papers from theoretical to empirical papers, from life experiment papers to valuation, etc. , and expressed the expectation that these papers will contribute to a good special issue program for the FEC.


Near 20 invited scholars from home and abroad conducted in-depth discussions centering on environmental valuation, environmental regulation, climate change and related topics during the two-day workshop.  Some teaching faculty and doctorate students from Duke Kunshan University, Jinan University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tongji University were also present for exchange of ideas.


Session I: Environmental Valuation I

Roger von Haefen

Professor, the Center for Environmental and Resource Economics Policy, North Carolina State University

Yazhen Gong

Associate Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University of China

Session II: Environmental Valuation II

Wuyang Hu

Professor, Department of AED Economics, the Ohio State University


Wangyang Lai

Assistant Professor, School of Economics, SUFE

Session III: Firm Responses to Environmental Regulation

Jintao Xu

Professor, National School of Development, Peking University

Haitao Yin

Professor, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Session IV: Information and Transparency in Environmental Regulation

Bing Zhang

Professor, School of Environment and School of Government, Nanjing University


Liguo Lin

Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Research, SUFE

Session V: Climate Change

Chuan-Zhong Li

Professor, Department of Economics, Uppsala University


Feng Song

Associate Professor, School of Economics, Renmin University of China

Session VI: Stochastic Optimal Control

Margaret Insley

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, the University of Waterloo

Haoyang Li

Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Research, SUFE

Session VII: Economy-wide Aspects of Resources and the Environment

Eli Fenichel

Associate Professor, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

Min Wang

Associate Professor, National School of Development, Peking University

Session VIII: Public Goods Contribution

Jinhua Zhao

Professor, Department of Economics, Michigan State University

Fuhai Hong

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Lingnan University


At the workshop, participants shared with one another their latest research results and breakthroughs in environmental and resource economics and hopefully they will also benefit from exchanges with their peers. In view of increasing attention to and fast development in research work in this field worldwide, a special issue based on the workshop papers will be organized and published in the FEC.

For more details, please visit the workshop website at:


 Photographer/Reporter: Yue Song

Copy editors: Wenfeng Wei, Liguo Lin