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Youzhi Yang


Associate Professor (with Tenure)
Economic Theory
(Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2009)

Office Address
326, Institute for Advanced Research
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone: +86-21-65902678
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Selected Publications
Research Papers
Currently Teaching

Professor Youzhi YANG received his Ph.D. in 2009 from Iowa State University. He joined the School of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance & Economics in 2009. His areas of specialization include economic theory, macroeconomics and dynamic contract theory.  

Selected Publications
  1. 'Optimal Self-Enforcement and Termination'(with Cheng Wang), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 101, April 2019, Pages 161-186.

  2. 'Equilibrium Matching and Termination' (with Cheng Wang), Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 76, November 2015, Pages 208–229.

  3. 'Outside Opportunities and Termination' (with Cheng Wang), Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 91, May 2015, Pages 207–228.

Research Papers
【1】 On the Pure Theory of Wage Dispersion (with Cheng Wang) under review
【2】 Repeated Moral Hazard with Private Evaluation: Leniency Bias (with Youze Lang) under review
【3】 Repeated Moral Hazard with Private Evaluation: Why the Agent's Mixed Strategies Matter
【4】 Dynamic CEO Compensation and Termination (with Cheng Wang)
【5】 Search with Information Sharing (with Youze Lang)

Currently Teaching
Advanced Macroeconomics I, Advanced Macroeconomics II, Intermediate Macroeconomics