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Published Papers

The faculty have published papers in top-tier international journals, including American Economic Review, Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Econometrics, Games and Economic Behavior, Annals of Statistics, Econometric Theory, Economic Theory, etc. The faculty have also won research grants and funding from the National Social Science Foundation, National Science Foundation and the Shanghai City Government in recent years.

      A selection of articles published in refereed international journals is given as follows:



  1. Dongni Zhu, Does Strategic Ability Affect Efficiency? Evidence from Electricity Markets (with Ali Hortacsu, Fernando Luco and Steven L. Puller), American Economic Review, 2019.12.


  1. Kevin X.D. Huang, Lei Ning, Why Do Americans Spend So Much More on Health Care than Europeans? (with Hui He), International Economic Review, 2021.5.

  2. Shengliang Ou, Information frictions, monetary policy, and the paradox of price flexibility (with Donghai Zhang and Renbin Zhang), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2021.5.

  3. Guan Gong, Costly Labor Adjustment: General Equilibrium Effects of China's Employment Regulations and Financial Reforms (with Russell Cooper and Ping Yan), Economic Journal, 2018.

  4. Zhenhua Jiao, Guoqiang Tian, The Blocking Lemma and Strategy-proofness in Many-to-many Matchings, Games and Economic Behavior, 2017.3.


  1. Tongbin Zhang, Stock Prices and the Risk-free Rate: An Internal Rationality Approach, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 2021.6.

  2. Qian Li, Welfare implications of switching to consumption taxation (with Juan Carlos Conesa and Bo Li), Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 2020.11.

  3. Yuanyuan Chen, The effect of primary school type on the high school opportunities of migrant children in China (with Shuaizhang Feng and Yujie Han), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2020.6.

  4. Darong Dai, Guoqiang Tian, Relativity, mobility, and optimal nonlinear income taxation in an open economy (with Wenzheng Gao), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2020.4.

  5. Youzhi Yang, Optimal Self-Enforcement and Termination (with Cheng Wang), Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 2019.4.

  6. Mingming Ma, Does children's education matter for parents’ health and cognition? Evidence from China, Journal of Health Economics, 2019.7.

  7. Lei Ning, Human Capital and Innovation in a Monetary Schumpeterian Growth Model (with Angus C. Chu and Dongming Zhu), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2019.7.

  8. Lei Ning, Health Investment over the Life-Cycle (with Hui He, Tim Halliday and Hao Zhang), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2019.1.

  9. Yuanyuan Chen, Informal Search, Bad Search? The Effects of Job Search Method on Wages among Rural Migrants in Urban China (with Le Wang and Min Zhang), Journal of Population Economics, 2018.7.

  10. YuanYuan chen, Quality of Migrant Schools in China: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study in Shanghai (with Shuaizhang Feng), Journal of Population Economics, 2017.7.

  11. Liguo Lin, Location Choice of FDI Firms and Environmental Regulation Reforms in China (with Wei Sun), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2016.10.


  1. Rongsheng Tang, Educational mismatch and income inequality (with Gaowang Wang), Economic Modelling, 2021.7.

  2. Darong Dai, Guoqiang Tian, Toward Longer Investment: Is an inclusive regime always better than an authoritarian one?, Economic Modelling, 2021.5.

  3. Jiawen Xu, Forecasting U.S. Yield Curve Using the Dynamic Nelson–Siegel Model with Random Level Shift Parameters (with Deqing Luo and Tao Pang), Economic Modelling, 2021.1.

  4. Yuanyuan Chen, Tuition Fees of Higher Education and Intergenerational Mobility in China (with Quanlin Liu and Kun Wu), Frontiers of Economics in China, 2020.9.

  5. Lei Ning, Yuqin Wang, Quantitative Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic Shock to Household Consumption in China, Frontiers of Economics in China, 2020.9.

  6. Darong Dai, Inter-jurisdiction migration and the fiscal policies of local governments (with Dennis W. Jansen and Liqun Liu), Journal of Economics, 2020.8(published online)

  7. Lin Zhao, Why the effects of oil price shocks on China′s economy are changing (with Shouyang Wang and Xun Zhang), ENERGY JOURNAL, 2020.3(published online)

  8. Qian Li, Dynamic Effects of Consumption Tax Reforms with Durable Consumption, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 2020.6.

  9. Kevin X.D. Huang, Zixi Liu, Guoqiang Tian, Promote Competitive Neutrality to Facilitate China’s Economic Development: Outlook, Policy Simulations, and Reform Implementation—A Summary of the Annual SUFE Macroeconomic Report (2019–2020), Frontiers of Economics in China, 2020.4.

  10. Yuanyuan Chen, Research on the education of migrant children in China: A review of the literature, Frontiers of Economics in China, 2019.6.

  11. Kevin X.D. Huang, Growth and Cycles in China’s Unbalanced Development: Resource Misallocation, Debt Overhang, Economic Inequality, and the Importance of Structural Reforms, Frontiers of Economics in China, 2019.4.

  12. Yuanyuan Chen, The education of migrant children in China′s urban public elementary schools: Evidence from Shanghai (with Shuaizhang Feng), China Economic Review, 2019.4.

  13. Kevin X.D. Huang, Guoqiang Tian, Yuqin Wang, Tackle China’s Economic Complexities by Deepening Reform and Opening Up: Macroeconomic Outlook, Policy Simulations, and Reform Implementation—A Summary of the Annual SUFE Macroeconomic Report (2018–2019), Frontiers of Economics in China, 2019.4.

  14. Darong Dai, Guoqiang Tian, Interregional redistribution and budget institutions with private information on intergenerational externality (with Liqun Liu), Review of Economic Design, 2019.7.

  15. Kevin X. D. Huang, Lei Ning, Guoqiang Tian, Conquering China’s Unbalanced and Inadequate Development- Macroeconomic Outlook, Policy Simulations, and Reform Implementation—A Summary of Annual SUFE Macroeconomic Report (2017–2018) , Frontiers of Economics in China, 2018.2.

  16. Dawen Meng, Guoqiang Tian, Zhe Yang, Two-agent collusion proof implementation with arbitrage and correlations, Review of Economic Design, 2017.9.

  17. Qian Li, The implication of subsistence consumption for economic welfare , Economics Letters, 2017.9.

  18. Kevin X.D. Huang, Guoqiang Tian, Yibo Yang, China under Uncertainty: Outlook, Counterfactual and Policy Simulations, and Reform Implementation—A Summary of Annual Report (2016–2017) , Frontiers of Economics in China, 2017.6.

  19. Feng Huang, The Impacts of China's Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance on Healthcare Expenditures and Health Outcomes (with Li Gan), Health Economics, 2017.2.

  20. Jiawen Xu, Modelling Exchange Rate Volatility with Random Level Shifts (with Ye Li and Pierre Perron), Applied Economics, 2017.

  21. Guan Gong, The Role of Returns to Scale in Measuring Frictions in Resource Allocation: Revisiting Misallocation and Manufacturing TFP in China , Economics Letters, 2016.1.


  1. Yuanyuan Chen, Sensitivity of Self-Reported Non-Cognitive Skills to Survey Administration Conditions (with Shuaizhang Feng, James J. Heckman, and Tim Kautz), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2019.12.


  1. Haoyang Li, Farmers' preferences for attributes of rice varieties in Sierra Leone (with Shaosheng Jin, Bashiru Mansaray and Xin Jin), Food Security, 2020.5..

  2. Mingming Ma, Adult child socio-economic status disadvantage and cognitive decline among older parents in Mexico (with Jacqueline M. Torres, Jenjira J. Yahirun, Connor Sheehan and Joseph Sáenz), Social Science & Medicine, 2021.6..

  3. Mingming Ma, Offspring Educational Attainment and Older Parents’ Cognition in Mexico (with Jenjira Yahirun, Joseph Saenz and Connor Sheehan), Demography, 2021.2.

  4. Guan Gong, Shadow Banking Activities of Non-Financial State-Owned Enterprises and Financial Regulation in China (with Zhenlong Jiang, Dashi Xu and Fwu-chang Yan), Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2020.12.

  5. Darong Dai, Voting over selfishly optimal tax schedules: Can Pigouvian tax redistribute income?, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2020.9.

  6. Mingming Ma, Height shrinkage, health and mortality among older adults: Evidence from Indonesia (with Urvashi Jain), Economics & Human Biology, 2020.5.

  7. Darong Dai, On the Efficiency of Wage-Setting Mechanisms with Search Frictions and Human Capital Investment (with Guoqiang Tian), Annals of Economics and Finance, (published online) 2020.4

  8. Rongsheng Tang, Uniqueness and Determinacy of the Romer (1990) Model (with Gaowang Wang and Jin Wang), Annals of Economics and Finance, (published online) 2020.4

  9. Darong Dai, Guoqiang Tian, Optimal Interregional Redistribution and Local Borrowing Rules under Migration and Asymmetric Information (with Liqun Liu), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2019.12.

  10. Darong Dai, Patent protection in the South: Is there a case for nondiscrimination?, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, (published online) 2019.1

  11. Yuanyuan Chen, Liquidity Constraint Shock, Job Search and Post Match Quality—Evidence from Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China (with Zichen Deng), Journal of Labor Research, 2019.

  12. Darong Dai, Guoqiang Tian, Two Differential Games between Rent-Seeking Politicians and Capitalists: Implications for Economic Growth (with Wenzheng Gao), International Game Theory Review, 2019.

  13. Run Liang, Health Insurance, Market Power, and Social Welfare (with Hao Wang), International Journal of Economic Theory, 2019.

  14. Lin Zhao, The Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Output and Inflation in China (with  Xun Zhang, Shouyang Wang and Shanying Xu), Energy Economics, 2016.1

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