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Full-time Researcher
Name Graduated from Research Interests Position/Title
Linyi Cao Washington University in St. Louis Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Firm Dynamics, Dynamic Contract Assistant Professor
Xudong Chen Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Economic History, Chinese Economy Associate Research Fellow
Yuanyuan Chen Boston College Labor Economics, Applied Micro-econometrics Professor
Darong Dai Texas A&M University Public Economics, Taxation Theory, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Associate Professor
Guan Gong University of Texas at Austin Chinese Economy, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Labor Economics Associate Professor (with Tenure)
Helu Jiang Washington University in St. Louis Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Population Economics, Labor Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor
Hyeon Ok Lee Rutgers University Macroeconomics, Banking theory, Financial stability Assistant Professor
Haoyang Li Michigan State University Environmental and Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics Assistant Professor
Shuangjian Li NanKai University Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics Assistant Research Fellow
Liguo Lin Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics Associate Professor (with Tenure)
Zixi Liu Frankfurt University Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, International economics Research Assistant Professor
Xinghua Long Texas A&M University Matching Theory, Market Design Assistant Professor
Mingming Ma University of Southern California Economics of Health and Aging, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics Assistant Professor
Lei Ning Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy, Applied Econometrics Associate Research Fellow
Shengliang Ou Pompeu Fabra University Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics Associate Professor
Weixiang Pan University of Illinois at Chicago Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Microeconomics Associate Professor
Wei Sun Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Development Economics Assistant Research Fellow
Rongsheng Tang Washington University in St. Louis Growth and Development, Macroeconomics, Macro-Labor, Chinese Economy Assistant Professor
Xiaowen Wang University of Hong Kong Macroeconomics, Information Economics Assistant Research Fellow
Yuqin Wang Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Monetary Theory and Policy, Economic Development Assistant Research Fellow
Huabin Wu Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Macroeconomics Associate Research Fellow
Youzhi Yang Iowa State University Economic Theory Associate Professor (with Tenure)
Tongbin Zhang Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Macroeconomics, Financial Economics Assistant Professor
Lin Zhao Chinese Academy of Sciences International Trade, Energy Economics Assistant Research Fellow
Dongni Zhu Texas A&M University Industrial Organization, Financial Economics Associate Professor
Mei Zhu Peking University Macroeconomics Associate Research Fellow
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