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Huabin Wu


Associate Research Fellow
Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy
(Ph.D., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2011)

Office Address
226, Institute for Advanced Research, SUFE
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone: +86-21-65902050
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Working Papers

Ph.D. in Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, June 2011.
Working Experience
06/2011-Present: Assistant Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Research, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Working Papers
  1. Huabin Wu, Ping Yan, 'Approaches to Cutting Costs of Private Enterprises', China Economic Quarterly (In Chinese), 2019, 18(3):967-986.

  2. Zhifeng Yang, Wei Wang, Huabin Wu, 'Technological Progress and China's Industrial Structure Upgrading', Journal of Finance and Economics (In Chinese), 2016, 42(11):44-59

  3. Zhiwei Xu, Huabin Wu, Jing Zhou, 'Macroeconomic Welfare Analysis of Personal Income Tax Reform', Management World (In Chinese), 2013, 12:32-42.

  4. Zhiwei Xu, Huabin Wu, 'The Effect of Enterprises Organizational Capital on China's Macroeconomic Fluctuation', Management World (In Chinese), 2012, 3:23-33.

  5. Huabin Wu, Zhiwei Xu, Yonggang Hu, Ping Yan, 'News Shock, Fiscal Policy and It's Macroeconomic Effect', Management World (In Chinese), 2011, 9:26-39.

  6. Yi Wen, Huabin Wu, 'Dynamics of Externalities: A Second-order Perspective', Federal Bank of St. Louis Review, 2011, 93(3), pp.187-205.

Working Papers
  1. Huabin Wu, Ping Yan, Zhenyang Xu, 'Financial Repression, SOE Reform and Fiscal-Monetary Policy Coordination', 2019.

  2. Zhenyang Xu, Ping Yan, Huabin Wu, 'Price Index Divergence, Financial Frictions and Deleveraging', 2019.

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