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Liguo Lin


Associate Professor (with Tenure)
Environmental Economics
(Ph.D., Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 2008)

Office Address
316, Institute for Advanced Research
111 Wuchuan Rd

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Selected Publications
Working Papers
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Dr. Liguo Lin received his Ph.D. in 2008 from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He joined SUFE in August, 2008. His research interest lies in the area of applied microeconomics, environmental and development economics. Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications
  1. 'Location Choice of FDI Firms and Environmental Regulation Reforms in China' with Wei Sun, Journal of Regulatory Economics, October 2016, Volume 50, Issue 2, pp 207–232.

  2. 'Does International Economic Integration Lead to Cleaner Production in China?' Jointed with Jon Moon & Haitao Yin, Production and Operations Management, Volume 23, Issue 4, pages 525–536, April 2014.

  3. 'Research on the Environmental Performance of Foreign Direct Investment Firms: The Case of Shanghai' (in Chinese) with Guoqiang Luo, China Economic Quarterly, Volume 13, Issue 2, page 515-536, January 2014.

  4. 'China Provincial Industrial Pollution: the Role of Technical Efficiency, Pollution Levy, and Pollution Quantity Control' with Yanhong Jin, Environment and Development Economics, Volume 19, Issue 1, Pages: 111-132, February 2014.

  5. 'Inspections and Information Disclosure: Quality Regulations with Incomplete Enforcement' with Lan Yao, Front. Econ. China, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2014.

  6. 'Enforcement of Pollution Levies in China', Journal of Public Economics, Vol 98, Feb, 2013.

Working Papers
  1. 'Enforcement with Technologies: Evidence from Establishing Automatic Surface Water Quality Monitoring Stations in China', jointed with with Haoyang Li, Wei Sun

  2. 'From Fog to Smog: The Value of Pollution Information', Jointed with Panle Jia Barwick,Shanjun Li,Eric Zou

  3. 'How do Local Conditions Matter in Enforcement of Pollution Regulations? Evidence from China'

  4. 'Strategic Self-reporting and Firms' Compliance with Environmental Regulations in China'

  5. 'Do Consumers Trust the National Inspection Exemption Brands? Evidence from Infant Formula in China', with Yanhong Jin and Lan Yao

Currently Teaching
Advanced Microeconomics A

Advanced Microeconomics I