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IAR Faculty Get Good Result in 2020 NSFC Fund Application


National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) recently announced the result of 2020 NSFC project application review, and four IAR faculty members, namely, Jiawen Xu, Darong Dai, Haoyang Li, and Dongni Zhu, successfully received NSFC Young Scientists Funds, accounting for 29% of total applications submitted by IAR faculty members and 15% of the number of researchers in IAR, ranking front in SUFE. Before this, among 27 full-time researchers of IAR, 7 have hosted NSSFC and NSFC projects, including one key project under Emergency Program.


Among IAR’s full-time researchers, 22 have doctoral degrees from world-renowned universities. IAR encourages its faculty with overseas education background to pay attention to China issues, use international standard in the research of China’s economic development, and apply for various project grants to base their research in China.


The four projects that have received 2020 NSFC funds are: 1) 'Research and Applications on Mixed Frequency Dynamic Factor Model with Time Varying Parameters', Principal Investigator: Jiawen Xu, Assistant Professor; 2) 'The Application of Mechanism Design Theory in Optimal Regional Insurance Provision', Principal Investigator: Darong Dai, Assistant Professor; 3) 'Environmental Policy Selection and Policy Evaluation under Resource Misallocation Constraints', Principal Investigator: Haoyang Li, Assistant Professor; 4) 'The Application of Game Theory in Industrial Organization and Financial Economics: Theory and Empirical Evidence', Principal Investigator: Dongni Zhu, Associate Professor.