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IAR Faculty Received NSFC Funds for 4 Research Projects


National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) recently announced the result of 2021 NSFC project application review, and four IAR faculty members, namely, Qian Li, Shengliang Ou, Yuqin Wang, and Shuangjian Li, successfully received NSFC Young Scientists Funds, accounting for 50% of total applications submitted by IAR faculty members.


IAR researchers have maintained high quality in national project application. Among its 30 full-time researchers, 12 of them have been principal investigators in 17 NSSFC and NSFC projects, including one key project under Emergency Program. This year, the addition of another 4 NSFC projects has shown the research strength of IAR in the pursuit for academic excellence and the service to the nation’s urgency.


IAR has always attached great importance to research on Chinese issues, guiding the researchers’ attention to China’s national conditions, Chinese characteristics and Chinese elements to base their research on the reality of China’s economic development.


The researchers said that the professional guidance of the university’s Research Office, the strong academic research atmosphere of the Institute and the help of colleagues have greatly supported the NSFC fund applications and deepened their thinking about the academic frontiers and the national conditions of China when getting started with their research projects. They will follow the requirements of the NSFC carefully, carry forward the research with high quality, and successfully conclude the projects.