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Survey Research Center


Established in July 2006, the Survey Research Center (SRC) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics aims to promote micro-empircal research in China. It has introduced high quality talents, adopted the most advanced statistical survey methods and cooperated with the best research centers in the world, to produce first-class survey data and research results. The goal of the center is to become an authoritative institution in Chinese survey research field.

At present, the work of the center focuses on the following aspects:

First, to promote the overall development of economic statistics in China by employing first-class survey methodology. The research on survey methodology is the foundation and the main part of the work in the Survey Research Center. As an emerging study area, survey methodology combines design principles, data collection, data processing and data analysis, and focuses on correcting research errors, thus improving the quality of data survey.

Second, to start a new high-quality micro data project to promote the micro-data-based research on empirical studies of economical issues in China. The Survey Research Center, based on its own advantages, collects and produces basic micro data according to the needs of studies. Besides, the center takes part in many large-scale survey research projects which relate to the research topics, involve multiple parties and cover many social and scientific fields nationally. The survey data is from various areas including society, economy, psychology, health and behavior. It also includes some micro-level information such as individual, family or clan. Currently the center is conducting survey research in two areas-education and consumer confidence in China. Moreover, many large-scale survey research projects are also in the pipeline.

Third, to efficiently use the existing data and deepen the advanced analysis of the statistical data. The Institute for Advanced Research (IAR) has reached a consensus with NBS on further cooperation. On the premise of properly handling the relationship between data access and confidentiality, the Survey Research Center will further process the existing statistical data according to the need of academic studies. Moreover, on the principle of sharing information, the center will collect and examine the survey data from research institutions and survey companies across China and provide the data to academic and education community for profound analysis.

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Director: Dr. Liguo Lin, Associate Professor
Tel: +86-21-65902959