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China Center for Macroeconomic Research


China Center for Macroeconomic Research (CCMR) is a subordinate body of the IAR, aiming to attract the prominent scholars of macro economics, to integrate different research resources from all circles, to study the basic characteristics and inner rules of Chinese economic performance using modern methods of Economics, and to serve for China's economic reform and development through the rigorous and scientific research achievements.

One of the working focuses of CCMR is to establish and complete a large model of China's macroeconomic analysis and quarterly forecasts through building a high-level team on the research and consult on the macro economic policy, based on the deep study on the macro economic operation mechanism. The team will monitor on the operation of macro economy and make judgment and prediction on China's macro economic operation through scientific analysis and analog computation. The research results of CCMR can provide scientific evidence for the economic policy departments in making macro economic policies, as well as scientific support for financial institutions such as securities, banks and insurance and the research institutions focusing on the analysis of economy and policies. Moreover, they can help people understand the macro economic situation, thus making scientific and reasonable economic decision and impleting the function of serving the society.

CCMR will carry out culti-level academic communication and cooperation and promote the academic communication activities both at home and abroad, trying to achieve a series of economic analysis reports and policy consulting results which are of significant academic influence, social influence and good social effect. Currently, CCMR has been in close cooperation with other centers in IAR, including Survey Research Center, Public Policy Evaluation Center and Center for Studies on China's Intermediate and Long-term Development. It is also actively communicating and cooperating with the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the Fed, as well as various domestic and international institutions; and, with the help of the cooperation between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and Shanghai Municipal Government in constructing SHUFE, to construct itself as a first-class research institution with international influence.

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