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Global Competitiveness Assessment Center for Economic Research


As the connection between China and the world in the area of economic studies continuously deepens, and under the national strategy of building world-class universities, the construction of a scientific evaluation system with global view is receiving increasing attention from various circles. The center has adopted a scientific and transparent methodology and selected 19 world-acknowledged, most influential journals in economics, including 5 top comprehensive journals in economics and 14 important journals specialized in the main branches of economics; based on the publication of these journals, we provide a continuous, scientific evaluation of the competitiveness of world universities and research institutes in terms of quality research output of economics.

5 Top comprehensive journals in economics:
American Economic Review
Journal of Political Economy
Quarterly Journal of Economics
Review of Economic Studies

14 Journals specialized in some main branches of economics:
Economic Journal
Games and Economic Behavior
International Economic Review
Journal of Econometrics
Journal of Economic Theory
Journal of Finance
Journal of International Economics
Journal of Labor Economics
Journal of Monetary Economics
Journal of Public Economics
Journal of the European Economic Association
Rand Journal of Economics
Review of Economics and Statistics
Theoretical Economics