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Current Seminars


1st Week,Friday 29 Feb

Yang Chun-Lei (Sinica Taipai)Exit, Exclusion, and Mergers: Endogenous Group Formation and
Public Goods Provision

3rd Week, Tuesday 4 March

Chen Dong (Duke University)The Monitoring and Advisory Functions of Corporate Boards:
Theory and Evidence

3rd Week, Friday 7 March

He XinCentral U of Finance and Economics
Moral Hazard Contracting and Credit Rationing in Opaque Credit Markets

4th Week, Tuesday 11March

Xiaohua Yu (The Pennsylvania State University)Incorporating Zero and Missing Responses into CVM with
Open-Ended Bidding:Willingness to Pay for Blue Skies in Beijing

4th Week, Friday 14 March

Pan Jia (Penn State University)Optimal Intermediated Investment in a Liquidity-Driven Business Cycle

5th Week, Friday 21 March

Li Duo Zhe, ( HK Chinese U)Undertable Negotiation

7th Week, Friday 4 April

Chen Yu Yu,( Beijing U, Guanghua School)

8th Week, Friday 11April

Kevin K. Tsui Department of Economics, Clemson University
Political Entry, Public Policies, and the Economy

9th Week, Friday 18 April

Walter Trockel, (Bielefeld University)                      Mechanism Design vs. Nash Program: What is their Relation

10th Week, Tuesday 22 April

Tony Fang (Stanford University)                                     Evaluating Skilled Experts: Optimal Scoring Rules for Surgeons

11th Week, Friday 2 May

Labor Day

12th Week, Friday 9 May

Steven Lu(University of Sydney)

13th Week, Friday 16 May

John Karl Scholz (U of Wisconsin Madison)

14th Week, Friday 23 May

Cao Jing, (Tshinghua University)

15th Week, Thursday29 May

Zhang Junfu(Clark University)

16th Week, Friday 6 June

YipChongKee(K Chinese U)

17th Week, Thursday 10 June

StephenChiu(U of HK)

18th Week, Friday 20 June

Xiao Ping, (Washington University, St. Louis)