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Professor Allan Layton Visits SOE and Gives a Lecture


    Vice President of the University of South Queensland and Dean of the Business School, Professor Allan Layton visited SOE on October 29, 2007 and gave a lecture titled “Reflections on the Role of Australian Economic Policies at the Juncture of the 20th and 21st Century” at the lecture hall of the SOE administration building. As one of the series of lectures jointly organized by IAR and SOE for the 90th Anniversary of SUFE, this lecture serves for the students to better understand the history and development of Australian economic policies, as well as the challenges they are facing today.

      Professor Allan Layton began the lecture with some of the important concepts of western economists and their application in Australia, based upon which he analyzed the outstanding economic policies of Australia and their major effects. By means of charts and curves, he gave a vivid account of the actual GDP growth of Australia from 1979~2005 and its analysis, as well as his research on the operation of Australian economy. During the lecture, he also expressed his ideas on such topics as the public policies of USQ, external effect of economy in the context of free world trade and the trade of Third World Countries.