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Professor Jamil Salmi Visits SOE and Delivers a Lecture


      Professor Jamil Salmi, Chief Expert of World Bank’s Tertiary Education Thematic Group, visited SOE on October 31, 2007 and gave a lecture titled “Building a Knowledge Society—New Challenge for Higher Education” at the lecture hall of the SOE administration building. Guo Yugui, Director of IAR Center for Global Studies in Education, presided over the lecture. As one of the IAR series lectures for the 90th Anniversary of SUFE, this lecture offers instructive policy suggestions on the reform and development of China’s higher education.

      Professor Jamil Salmi delivered the lecture in terms of the importance of knowledge, demand change of education and training as well as the problems faced by education reform. In the first place, he aired his views on the importance of knowledge in that it could reverse poverty and guard against disaster; he then elaborated upon the essential transformation of the present education mode with regard to the modern technological development, demand change of work quality, necessity of further education as well as the choice of learning and discarding, and came up with the new teaching method featuring individual teaching and learning adaptation, interactive and cooperative learning, due employment of advanced teaching technology, as well as the comprehensive knowledge imparted by the teacher as an instructor and promoter; finally, Professor Jamil Salmi analyzed the present challenges and problems faced by higher education and how to build an international first-rate university, improve teaching quality, foster right values as well as enhance students’ creativity and flexibility.

      Illuminating and extensive instances, for example, the experience of Einstein and the story of antelope and lion, along with the impressive pictures and interesting videos, speak well for the importance and essentiality of educational innovation. After the lecture, Professor Jamil Salmi answered questions about how to balance the research and teaching of college professors, how to train and improve working skills as well as the advantages and disadvantages of universities both at home and abroad.

      This open lecture jointly organized by Shanghai Association of Higher Education and SUFE Institute of Higher Education attracted many SUFE faculty and students, as well as over 30 faculty members from other universities, contributing a lot to the academic atmosphere and reputation of SUFE.