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Institute for Advanced Research Organizes and Declares for National Social Science Funds Project


The application for 2007 national social science funds project has been started recently. Under the careful organization by the Institute for Advanced Research, all research fellows are active in the declaration work.

The declaration this time shows three main features. Firstly, establishment of project team. The research fellows freely choose to establish project team according to own preference and development direction and make joint efforts in project application; secondly, diversified sources of research fellows. The research fellows include full-time and part-time ones from the institute, as well as teachers and experts from SHUFE departments and other domestic universities and famous scholars from Hong Kong and abroad; thirdly, extensive subjects, the main subjects applied include Research on production fluctuation to the long-term relationship of enterprise and employees by Dr. Du Ninghua, Effective Promotion of Intra-Industrial Competition: Examples from Telecommunications and Civil Aviation Industry by Dr. Chen Qingchi, Research on Constraint by Resources Environment, Adjustment of Industrial Structure and Transformation of Economic Growth Mode by Dr. Tan Jijun, Analysis and Measures for Slow Resident Consumption Growth in China by Dr. Xiao Junji, and Political System Guarantee for Economic Growth by Dr. Shen Ling.