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Papers of IAR Research Team Published or Accepted in Top International Journals


    Recently, IAR research team has presented fruitful research achievements with papers of the team members published (or accepted) in top international journals. Since 2005, IAR and SOE research team has published more than 90 papers in peer-refereed international journals.

     "A Semiparametric Model for Cluster Data" by Associate Professor Yan Sun (with Wenyang Zhang and Jianqing Fan) is forthcoming in Annals of Statistics (October 2009), following her paper "Estimation of the Covariance Matrix of Random Effects in Longitudinal Studies" published in the same top-tier journal in 2007.

     "The Welfare Costs of Expected and Unexpected Inflation" by Dr. Zhe Li (with Miquel Faig), a newly recruited PhD from the University of Toronto, is accepted by a Top-10 international journal—Journal of Monetary Economics.

     Another newly recruited research team member, Dr. Lingfang Li also has one paper "Reputation, Trust, and Rebates: How Online Auction Markets Can Improve Their Feedback Systems" accepted by a Top-30 economics journal—Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. Dr. Lingfang Li graduated from University of California, Irvine under the supervision of Dr. Donald Saari, a distinguished professor of mathematics and economics.

     In addition, Dr. Dongming Zhu from McGill University, who recently joined IAR, also has two papers published or accepted in a Top-10 economics journal—Journal of Econometrics.