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Data Research Center Cooperated with British Universities for Social Investigation in Sichuan Province


     The Data Research Center under the Institute for Advanced Research conducted a project named Investigation into Basic Family Situations and Leaving Home for Work in Rural Sichuan Province in August 2007. This investigation was mainly initiated and implemented by Dr. Feng Shuaizhang, director of the center, and Dr.Patrick Nolen (University of Essex, UK), covering 6 administrative villages, 15 groups, and acquiring total 800 valid questionnaires. The questionnaires involved in basic situations of rural family population, agricultural and by-product incomes, leaving home for work, farmers business startup, consumption and properties of rural families, childrens education, and health information.

      In the process of investigation, the center invited three supervisors (including two SHUFE students and one part-time research fellow of the center), responsible for interviewer training and site implementation. About 30 local university students and middle school teachers attended this investigation. The investigation aroused favorable response in local area. Some interviewers have also written down their experience in this investigation. Under the support from local governments, the investigation went on smoothly and the interviewees were ready to cooperate. The farmers showed great interests in the investigation, particularly in the detailed problems, stringent questioning, and some novel investigation methods (for example, measure body height and weight for every family members at site).

      As the first site investigation project since the establishment of the Data Research Center, this investigation project will hopefully continue by way of follow-up investigation and will become an important database for research of Chinas rural economy. The project is currently at the data consolidation and data input stage. In the future, it will be publicized for free use by SHUFE students.