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Leaders of Institute for Advanced Research Invited to Attend 6th Economics Annual Meeting


    From Dec 15 to 17, the 6th China Economics Annual Meeting was held in Wuhan University and Tian Guoqiang, Chen ling, Tan Jijun and other leaders from the School of Economics attended the meeting upon invitation.

    The meeting had two thematic forums: China Economic Development against Economic Globalization, Scientific Development and Construction of Harmonious Society.? The participating experts entered into in-depth discussions and exchanges on 26 fields, including development economics, rural economics, system economics and health economics.

    President Tian made a speech titled Market-Centered Reform, Coordinated Development and Construction of Harmonious Society on the forum of Scientific View on Development and Construction of Harmonious Society. Party Secretary Chen Ling attended council unit meeting on behalf of the School of Economics. President Tian Guoqiang and Vice President Tan Jijun also attended the joint meeting of presidents of schools of economics and deans of departments of economics for discussions on issues related to economics education reform.

    During the annual meeting, the graduate student union of the School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University, and China Economics Education Scientific Research Web had a special interview with President Tian on the rise of China's central regions, economics education reform and President Tian's personal academic researches.

    The participation by the leaders from the Institute for Advanced Research both promoted the exchange and interaction of academic ideas, extended the influence of the Economics Innovation Platform, and made powerful propaganda for 2007 Modern Economics Summer Teachers Advanced Study Course for National University Teachers by SHUFE School of Economics.