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Academic Seminar "China Statistics Data Quality: Challenge and Measures" Convened


    On Dec. 16, the 1-day academic seminar "China Statistics Data Quality: Challenge and Measures" sponsored by Data Research Center of Institute for Advanced Research, SHUFE, was held in the meeting room of the 5th floor of SHUFE Securities and Futures Building, aimed at promoting exchange and dissemination of academic thinking, and making new contributions for improving China's statistics data quality.

    Vice Dean Zhong Zhongfei attended the meeting and expressed that the Institute for Advanced Research focused on methods solving China's practical issues and devoted to contributing ideas to the government and he hoped that the seminar would be good start for the institute to solve China's practical issues. Standing Vice President of the institute Professor AI Chunrong made a speech on the meeting and hoped the achievements from the meeting would provide intelligent supports for improving China's statistics data quality.The meeting focused on four themes, respectively, False Information and Misinformation in Statistical Investigation and Countermeasures, Functions and Roles of Non-Governmental Statistical Bodies, data Quality and Statistical Management System, and Statistical Method for Defective Data Processing. Wei Guixiang, head of Urban Social Economic Investigation Department of National Bureau of Statistics, Peng Zhilong, vice head of National Economy Auditing Department, and Prof. Shen Mingming, director of China National Situations Research Center of Peking University successively made speech respectively titled Price, Real Estate and Production Material Data, Problems in Sampling Investigation and Measures, and Spatial Sampling Investigation in China.

    Dr. Feng Shuaizhang, director of Data Research Center of Institute for Advanced Research, SHUFE, leaders from Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics, scholars and experts from statistics circle, and some students form first advanced training class by statistics system also attended the meeting. The meeting ended with complete success.