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Interview by Tian Guoqiang, Ai Chunrong, Chen Ling and Tan Jijun with Leaders of National Bureau of Statistics


 On Dec. 12, 2006, Tian Guoqiang, Ai Chunrong, Chenling, Tan Jijun and leaders from SHUFE Institute for Advanced Research, School of Economics and Statistics Department went to Beijing and hold bilateral talks with Director Xie Fuzhan and Vice Director Xu Xianchun of National Bureau of Statistics and Vice Director Pan Jiancheng of China Economic Monitoring Center. Both parties exchanged in-depth opinions on all-round cooperation of SHUFE with the National Bureau of Statistics and entered into detailed discussions on actual patterns for cooperation and reached consensus. In addition, leaders from SHUFE also interviewed with Chief Engineer Zheng Jingping of the National Bureau of Statistics, Director Zhang Zhongliang of Education Center, Liu Xiaoyue from Statistics Research Institute and other relevant leaders.