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Research Fellows from Environment and Natural Resources Research Center Pays Site Visit to Jincheng of Shanxi Province


     On July 26-27, 2007, research fellows Dr. Gan Li and Dr. Tan Jijun from Environment and Natural Resources Center of SHUFE ?Institute for Advanced Research paid a site visit to Jincheng City in Shanxi Province, the major coal area in China on the operating mechanism of insurance service related to coal production, as well as a medium coal enterprise.

    During the visit, the two research fellows, senior management from four coal enterprises with different types of ownership, senior managers of insurance companies and city and county-level safety supervision officials for coal production conducted fruitful discussions on past and current insurance system, and marketization degree in safety supervision on coal production in Shanxi Province and in China from the angles of owners, insurance companies and governmental regulations. Upon invitation, the two research fellows also paid a visit to a local medium-size coal mine and discussed with its management on coal mine insurance, safety supervision and Shanxi's policies on closing small local coal mines. After the visit, the two research fellows, in combination with the new phenomenon discovered in their visit, pointed out 3 important research subjects as the key research direction in recent time for the center.