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List of IAR Policy Proposals Since 2008


(March 24, 2011)

Since its founding, IAR has been dedicated to its mission of establishing a platform with high starting point to solicit domestic and foreign research forces by way of projects based on accurate data, advanced theory and scientific research methods, undertaking influential research projects and producing high level research achievements to address the current hot issues and long-term strategic issues over China's economic system transformation and reform. With its continuous efforts, IAR has made remarkable progress in its research focused on the socio-economic development of China. Since 2008, IAR has issued a series of policy proposals, which has drawn wide attention from higher authorities, media, institutions and the public.

A list of IAR policy proposals is given as follows:


Policy Proposals


1 IAR Policy Research Report 2010 (6): Annual Report 2010-2011 for China's Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast—How to Address the Structural Imbalance in China's Economy? (in Chinese) PDF 2010
2 IAR Policy Research Report 2010 (5): Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Low-Carbon Economy in China (in Chinese) PDF 2010
3 IAR Policy Research Report 2010 (4): Problems and Countermeasures Facing China under the Fourth Wave of Global Industrial Transfer (in Chinese) PDF 2010
4 IAR Policy Research Report 2010 (3): Abandoning "the Maintenance of Stability by Pressure" and Regulating the Role of Government—Policy Proposals for Reducing the Impact of Social Unstable Factors on Political Stability (in Chinese) PDF 2010
5 IAR Policy Research Report 2010 (2): Breaking with China Model Myth and Adhering to Market-oriented Reform—Two Fundamental Transformations of Government Functions Crucial to Further Reform of China (in Chinese) PDF 2010
6 IAR Policy Research Report 2010 (1): Three Policy Suggestions on the Acceleration of Market-driven Urbanization and the Narrowing of Urban-Rural Income Gap (in Chinese) PDF 2010
7 IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (6): China's Economic Situation, Structural Adjustment and the Countermeasures in the Post Crisis Era—Comprehensive Governance, Institutional Construction and Transformation of Government Functions (in Chinese) PDF 2010
8 IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (5): Attaching Due Importance to the Cultivation of High-level and Creative Talents in Business and Economics (in Chinese) PDF 2010
9 IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (4): Open Competition in School Running Is the Key to Implementing and Expanding Autonomy of Colleges and Universities—Proposal II to the National Program for Medium- and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development (in Chinese) PDF 2010
10 IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (3): Universal 12-Year Compulsory Education Is the Cornerstone to Educational Modernization and Human Resource Development—Proposal I to the National Program for Medium- and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development (in Chinese) PDF 2010
11 IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (2): Consolidating the Foundation and Controlling the Source with Both Instancy and Gradualness—Report On the Comprehensive Governance of China's Real Estate (in Chinese) PDF 2010
12 IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (1): Solving Institutional Problems to Build a World-Class University with Chinese Characteristics (in Chinese) PDF 2010
13 IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (5)—Annual Economic Report: Current Situation, Issues and Countermeasures concerning the Global and Chinese Economy (in Chinese) PDF 2009
14 IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (4): Proposals for Recruiting Leading Talents from Overseas (in Chinese) PDF 2009
15 IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (3): Market-oriented Urbanization Is the Fundamental Solution to the "Agriculture, Peasant and Countryside" Issues—Policy Proposal for the Elimination of the Urban-Rural Dual Structure (in Chinese) PDF 2009
16 IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (2): Policy Proposal for the Involvement of Business Circle into Educational Reform and Development (in Chinese) PDF 2009
17 IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (1): Financial Crisis, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development—Policy Proposal for Short-term Economic Growth and Long-term Sustainable Development in China (in Chinese) PDF 2009
18 On the Educational Concept and Talent Cultivation Mode of Chinese Universities—How to Foster Quality and Creative Talents with Virtue and Knowledge (in Chinese) PDF 2008
19 IAR Proposal for Guarding against Future Grain Shortage of China (in Chinese) PDF 2008
20 Dealing with Inflation, Also Guarding against Sharp Economic Decline—Policy Proposal for Solving the Dilemma between Expanding Domestic Demand and Curbing Inflation (in Chinese) PDF 2008