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2018 Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop Held at SOE


From June 18-19, the 2018 Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop, sponsored by the SOE, the IAR and the Key Laboratory of Mathematical Economics, was held at the SOE. Executive Associate Dean of the IAR, Professor Kevin X.D. Huang attended and addressed the workshop. The workshop was organized by Professor Kevin X.D. Huang, Associate Professor Guan Gong, Associate Professor Youzhi Yang, Associate Professor Zhe Li, Assistant Professor Yang Yu, and Assistant Professor Tongbin Zhang. Professor Kevin X.D. was the Chairman of the organizing committee.

Professor Kevin X.D. extended a warm welcome to all the guests in his opening remarks. He expressed the hope that by holding high-level academic conferences, an exchange mechanism will be established to facilitate the exchanges and cooperation between SOE and domestic and overseas scholars, so as to further promote the academic level of the economics discipline of SUFE.

Martin Uribe (Columbia University)

Kevin X.D. Huang (Vanderbilt U.)

Wolfgang Keller (University of Colorado)

Francesco Zanetti (University of Oxford)

Yoske Igarashi (Hokkaido Univeristy)

Juan Carlos Conesa (Stony Brook University)

Yang Lu (HKUST)

Shi Li (Beijng Normal University)

Lei Ning (SUFE)

Ming Lu (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Shenghao Zhu (UIBE)

Klaus Adam (University of Mannheim)

Shouyong Shi (Penn State University)

Davide Debortoli (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Yulei Luo (Hong Kong University)

Youngsoo Jang (SUFE)

Pei Kuang (Birmingham Business School)

Zhe Li (SUFE)

Zhigang Feng (University of Nebraska)

Dan Liu (SUFE)

Yongqin Wang (Fudan University)

As one of the small, high-end international workshops held regularly by SOE, Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop has reached its 9th consecutive year. This year a number of renowned professors in the filed were invited, including researcher of National Bureau of Economic Research, co-editor-in-chief of top-class economic journal Journal of International Economics, Professor Martin Uribe of Columbia University; Associate editor of top-class economic journal Journal of Monetary Economics, Professor Klaus Adam of University of Mannheim. In addition, a number domestic and overseas scholars from Crowdola University, Pennsylvania State University, Stony Brook University, Birmingham Business School, Oxford University, University of Pompei Fabra, Spain, Hokkaido University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, University of International Business and Economics, and Beijing Normal University also attended the workshop. Professor Kevin X.D., postdoctoral fellow Lei Ning, Associate Professor Zhe Li, Assistant Professor Youngsoo Jang, and Associate Professor Dan Liu made presentation on their research at the workshop.

A special session about Chinese issues was also set up at the workshop. Guests at the meeting had a thorough discussion on the current hot issues of China's economy, and some of their views were quite mature and insightful, leaving a deep impression on all scholars. Over the past years, under the guideline of “pursing long-term excellence, striving for world-class disciplines”, SOE has established a platform of seminars, workshops, lectures, forums and conferences, through which faculty and students can have high-end academic research.

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Keynote speaker:

Martin Uribe ,Columbia University, Multiple Equilibria in Open Economy Models with Collateral Constraints: Overborrowing Revisited (with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe)

Kevin X.D. Huang ,Vanderbilt U., Foreign Exchange Reserves as a Tool for Capital Account Management in a Small Open Economy (with Scott Davis, Ippei Fujiwara, and Jiao Wang)

Wolfgang Keller ,University of Colorado, International Trade and Job Polarization (with Hale Utar)

Francesco Zanetti,University of Oxford, Search Complementarities, Aggregate Fluctuations and Fiscal Policy (with Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Federico Mandelmann and Yang Yu)

Yoske Igarashi ,Hokkaido Univeristy, Financial Acceleration, Overborrowing and Monetary Transmission (with Keqing Liu)

Davide Debortoli, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents: Insights from TANK models (with J. Galí)

Yang Lu, HKUST, Managing Expectation in the New Keynesian Model (with Robert King)

Shi Li ,Beijng Normal University, Super Rich and Income Inequality in China

Lei Ning, SUFE, Income Inequality, Liquidity Constraints and Household Consumption in China (with Kevin X.D. Huang)

Ming Lu, Shanghai Jiaotong University, The Crux of the Chinese Economy is the Spatial Misallocation

Shenghao Zhu, UIBE,CEO Compensation Distribution in a Continuous-time Dynamic Contract Model

Klaus Adam (University of Mannheim) Stock Price Cycles and Business Cycles (with Sebastian Merkel)

Shouyong Shi, Penn State University, Should Buyers or Sellers Organize Trade in a Frictional Market? (with A. Delacroix)

Juan Carlos Conesa, Stony Brook University,Welfare Implications of Switching from Income to Consumption Taxation (with Bo Li and Qian Li)

Yulei Luo ,Hong Kong University, Growth and Welfare Gains from Financial Integration under Model Uncertainty (with Jun Nie and Eric Young)

Youngsoo Jang, SUFE, Is Household Heterogeneity Important for Business Cycles? (with Takeki Sunakawa and Minchul Yum)

Pei Kuang, Birmingham Business School,Potential Output Pessimism and Austerity in the European Union (with K. Mitra)

Zhe Li, SUFE, Environmental Regulation and Unemployment in a Two-Sector Model with Search Friction (with Pinjie Lyu and Jianfei Sun)

Zhigang Feng, University of Nebraska, Imperfectly-Tradable Health and the Provision of Employment-based Health Insurance

Dan Liu ,SUFE,Trade Liberalization and Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from China

Yongqin Wang ,Fudan University, China's Shadow Banking